Rural AmericanaMark Ruckman began his love of nature in Indiana, where he was born and raised. Mark would leave the house in the morning, exploring the woods, fields, and waterways in his neighborhood, returning home only for meals. His interest in photography started in his late teens and early twenties, when he bought several cameras attempting to capture the scenes that he found visually stimulating.

In the past few years, his encouraging wife urged Mark to take his photography passion to the next level and perfect his skills. He has since turned his hobby into an opportunity to seriously cultivate his passion of taking photos.

Mark classifies his body of work as “Rural Americana”, encompassing majestic landscapes, magnificent wildlife, sweeping aerials, and on occasion, extreme outdoor sports. Throughout his life, Mark has had the ability to be mesmerized by something ordinary, and to see something “remarkable” in the commonplace.

Peruse his work, he hopes you will love the work too.